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SC Pabllo Logistics operates their aviation cargo via Henri Coanda International Airport (Otopeni) providing international transport of goods to legal entities and individuals. Our company can provide goods of any kind of takeover all over the world and bringing it to Bucharest directly or in combined flights (flight to one of the European airports (Hub) and from there, by truck to Bucharest - Otopeni). Air - Cargo department offers the most cost-effective and safe transport solution, providing you the best price for the best transit time.

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Road Department provides transport of goods in groupage or full truck.

  • Normal transportation (standard trucks, general merchandise) - vanettes, vans, tarpaulin trucks;
  • Specialized Transport (special trucks, general merchandise) - jumbo, mega, van, refrigerated containerships
  • Specialized Transport (normal trucks, special goods) - ADR and oversized transports,
  • Specialized Transport (special trucks, special goods) - Class 7 radioactive oversized
  • Oversized maritime Transport
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Maritime Department offers the following types of transport:

  • RO-RO;
  • Container shipping FCL (full container loading) and LCL (last container loading - loads);
  • Bulk shipping;
  • Oversized shipping.

Special maritime containers FCL (full container loading) aretaken over are from different ports of the exporting countries to Romania, and from Constanta port are exported to various destinations.

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It uses both terrestrial trucks, trailers and trailer beds, and maritime server type flat rack container or bulk. A transport is considered oversized when the size exceeds the standard measures of volume or weight of trucks (13.6 m X 2.35 m X 2.69 m - h or 22 X LX him to), or containers 20'DV (5.89 m X 2.35 m X 2.39 m - h or 28 X LX him to), or 40'HC (12 m X 2.35 m X 2.69 m - l x h or 28 LX, 5 to). Oversized trailers are of several types, such as: LAW-BAD (close to the ground floor, gooseneck) trailers extensible length or width and / or the width and length.

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Our team offers its customers complete solutions for oversized goods.

We provide solutions to your goods for the domestic and international road transport with the necessary permits for water and air transport services.

In cases where goods are discharged in countries involving multiple modes of transport, based on our experience, we have the opportunity for the combined road - sea transport - air, providing necessary equipment for docking, loading-unloading from a vehicle in another.

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Customs Consultancy

At the eadquarter or in our offices for commissioners you will receive information on tax and customs procedures, payment obligations to the state budget, specific to each operation necessary commercial documents.

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SC Pabllo Logistics is a privately held consulting and transport company with 100% Romanian capital.

The Expedition House “Pabllo Logistics" is a private transport company, transportation consulting, import-export, customs clearance and customs brokerage.

We are a company with a young team, open to the requirements and market needs. Studying domestic and international trends regarding the transactions of goods, we support individuals and companies that transports providing customs consultancy and consultancy in the import-export customs brokerage office.